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Below there is a list of my main interests along with various resources that can be found on the Internet which are related to them.



Just two links, but two great ones.

Decision Theory Forum;

– The blog "The Leisure of the Theory Class" is written by the economists Aviad Heifetz, Eran Shmaya, Eilon Solan, Rajiv Vohra, and Jonathan Weinstein.


Here there are some sites which are math-oriented.

First of all, two blogs written by two Fields medalists:

Terence Tao's blog;

Timothy Gowers' blog;

nLab, deals with math, physics, and philosophy from a categorical point of view.

Mathoverflow is a web-community of mathematicians. 

Stats.StackExchange and Math.StackExchange are two pedagogically oriented web-communities.

[The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is – not surprisingly – about philosophy. However, there are quite some beautifully written entries related to economics, logic, and mathematics.]

Drawing & Painting

The book "Drawing on the right side of the brain" is THE book for anyone who feels not to be able to draw but would love the idea to do it. There is also a site which is related to the book, which can be found here.

I love European comics. Here a short list of my favourite authors (in no particular order): Jean Giraud Moebius, Jacques Tardi, Hugo Pratt, Roberto Raviola Magnus, Ivo Milazzo, Milo Manara, Kim Jung Gi, Terada Katsuya, Victor de la Fuente, Dino Battaglia, Sergio Toppi..

For anyone who is interested in illustration and design, take a look at the beautiful site 50Watts.

See the D&P page for some of my works.


Chessgames is a site where it is possible to find all the games played by all the important chess players in the history of the game. If you have contributed in some way to the history of chess, even if in a minor way, there is a rather high probability that some of your games are on this site.

Just one last link, straight to the collection of my favourite player, the IX world chess champion, Tigran Vartanovich Petrosjan


There is not really much to explain... I just love cooking.


I enjoy programming with Python, even if I am interested in various languages, some of them for purely practical reasons (e.g., Java), while others for conceptual reasons (e.g., Haskell).

One link for those who are interested in programming: Stackoverflow

And, yep, even if it is not really programming (unless you come up with a package), I love LaTeX.


I play bass, guitar and violin, even if not as much as I was used to (that was quite a lot).


I would have loved to write "Triathlon" above, but I simply run (up to 20K... I am planning to make the leap to marathon distance). 

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